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The Holga lens kit is only available for iPhone 4 and 4S users for $24.99 (via Must Have Lens Kit for iPhone Photographers)

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Intern Store – AWESOME self promotion project from Hyper Island students of the Mobile Application class.

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Shadow Cities - a location-based MMORPG iPhone game

…players can participate in two different teams, the ‘Architects’ or the ‘Animators’, to conquer their city, neighborhood by neighborhood and hunt ‘Spirits’ for experience. Players are able to level up throughout the game and choose what kind of mage they want to be. They have to decide to either help others in their tasks or concentrate on battling with their enemies. Each week teams battle for global supremacy in weekly campaigns. The team with the most energy wins the week, and every player receives the week’s campaign medal. The team that wins most of the 52 campaign weeks running throughout the year will dominate the cities of the world.

via The Pop-Up City

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