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the future of the Pizza Hut dine-in ordering experience

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Sleep Tracker UI, Part 2 by Ramotion

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Currently dedicating our efforts to a UI redesigned from the ground up for EasyDay. Front-end started today: more code, less PSDs! by blvckcr http://ift.tt/1b2TCdh

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Working on a new #project. Your feedback are welcome as always 😉. #webdesign #uidesign #app #github #dribbble #behance #data #infographic by kevincdnc http://ift.tt/1br4R3J

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Pacifier Thermometer by Helen Zhou

Pacifier Thermometer is a soother with a built-in early-warning system. It lets you know when your baby is coming down with a fever by changing its color in stages from blue, which indicates a normal temperature, to red, which shows a fever. Infants can’t tell you how they feel, so this is an effective method to help parents find out that there is a problem before the problem becomes serious.

More about it: Behance

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Medium - small and large quotes are visually represented with a single colored symbol and both colored symbols of the quotation mark. 

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Jorge Almeida discusses his work behind the UI elements in Star Trek Into Darkness

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Noch ein neues Prototyping-Tool, diesmal von ZURB.

A new prototyping tool by Zurb: Solidify

Use it to create clickable prototypes for any device, set tasks and user test in person (or remotely) and see analytics of the tests like completion rate, average time etc. Looks promising! 

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I hold Pinterest entirely responsible.

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