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“rate 5 stars” or “remind me later” — note the “rate 5 stars” only takes you to the app store to rate

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Interactive map/timeline, very nicely done

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Stumbled upon this fantastic FB app called “My Social Memories” that does data analysis and visualization on your online social interactions and your friends for an adjustable time frame. Love the condensed font (League Gothic?), color scheme, and simple graphics. Very Feltron-esque (fantastic print data vis, check him out too!).

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News+ Ready for Launch from Bonnier

“Today we launch the News+ concept for the Ipad and we do it together with some of the great newspapers within the Bonnier Group: Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri, Sydsvenskan, Børsen and Expressen. It is the first step towards creating a totally new way of experiencing news. It has been a fascinating journey and we are all very excited. ”

Man, this is good. (and he says “chock full”)

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Inspirational presentation about Magazines on the iPad. Popular Science in action.

(Source: berglondon.com)

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